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image - Centre for Clinical Governance ResearchThe Centre for Clinical Governance Research (CCGR) is a research facility in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales with a successful track record of undertaking research and evaluation projects on health sector issues since 1991. Its core interest is to investigate issues of policy, governance and leadership in the health sector. It is involved in conducting original research into clinical governance issues, providing a scholarly capability by which to evaluate health sector policies, programs and projects, and contributing to undergraduate medical, postgraduate health services management, and public health and doctoral education.

To achieve these the Centre makes use of assembled expertise and collaborators, and builds on existing staff expertise through external collaborations within Australia and internationally, including with the NSW Health Department, Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW, Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC), the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the Society for the study of Organising in Health Care and the World Health Organization.

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A Centre undertaking research of national and international standing with a core interest to investigate health sector issues of policy, culture, systems, governance and leadership.


We are:

  • The people who look at clinical governance and make it meaningful
  • World class social researchers
  • Promoting exciting cross-disciplinary research with multiple internal and external partners


Our principles for projects:

  • Utility and usefulness
  • Highest quality results
  • Feasible and realistic
  • Propriety - conducted ethically
  • Accurate reporting and faithful interpretation of results
  • Pursuing inclusivity

Six CCGR objectives

The Centre has six main objectives. These are:

  • To undertake internationally recognised inter-disciplinary research and development projects on clinician led approaches to organising and managing clinical work across the full spectrum of care
  • To provide a focal point for initiating and managing collaborative research and development projects on clinician led approaches to the organisation and management of clinical work involving partners drawn from other groups within the Faculty of Medicine, other departments within the University, Federal, State and Area health authorities and potential collaborators in other universities both within and external to Australia
  • To provide a supportive environment for developing research skills of young health researchers from both clinical and social science disciplines
  • To develop an international research reputation not simply in health but also in the base disciplines from which Centre members are drawn viz., policy studies, discourse analysis, sociology, organisational behaviour, social theory, anthropology, health informatics and clinical studies.
  • To be an internationally recognised reservoir of knowledge and expertise on clinical work management issues with a capacity to respond to requests for advice and consultation
  • To facilitate the development of education and training activities both within and outside the University in support of clinical governance.
Our Research Areas
Systems and culture

Key inquiry areas: Systems interconnectedness, management/clinician relationships, change management, restructuring, systems fragmentation, professional boundaries, accreditation and its effectiveness

Clinician behaviour

Key inquiry areas: Workforce issues, how clinician behaviour changes, management/ clinician dichotomy, risk management, health professional education

Systematisation of work

Key inquiry areas: Clinical practice improvement, management/ clinician approaches, systems interconnectedness

Comparative health care systems

Key inquiry areas: Comparative systems performance, clinical indicators across systems

Consumer participation

Key inquiry areas: Increased consumerism, accountability, health inequalities, involvement of consumers in care processes

Health policy development and implementation

Key inquiry areas: Commonwealth/ State divide, accountability for policy implementation, risk management, changing disease trends.

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Visiting Fellow
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Professor and Director
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Senior Research Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Research Fellow
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Senior Visiting Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Senior Research Fellow (UNSW)
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Visiting Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Associate Professor (Conjoint)
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Visiting Fellow
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Research Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Research Assistant
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Deputy Director
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Visiting Fellow
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Senior Lecturer (Conjoint)
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Visiting Fellow
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Research Assistant
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Casual Academic
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Adjunct Lecturer
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Visiting Fellow
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Senior Visiting Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Professorial Visiting Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Research Fellow
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Visiting Fellow
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Conjoint Associate Professor

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